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For better or for worse, humanity’s relationship with bathrooms is a necessary part of life. A poorly designed bath can be a major source of water waste and a hazard to indoor air quality. However, by incorporating efficient design ideas and eco-friendly products in the renovation process, you can create a green bathroom that is both functional and fashionable.

Water is one of earth’s most precious resources and the unlimited consumption of water poses a serious threat to the survival of every life-form on the planet. Since nearly every fixture in the bathroom is connected to or affected by water use, it is paramount that these items be chosen with care.

Frequent water usage in such close confines can foster the growth of mold and mildew on bathroom surfaces, particularly if adequate ventilation is not provided. Employing energy efficient exhaust fans can assist in successfully combatting this common problem. Exhaust fan systems should be installed with timer switches for automatic shut-off to conserve electricity that may be lost when someone neglects to turn it off. Heat-exchange ventilators are designed to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom by utilizing warm air from within the bathroom to heat cold air being circulated from outside.

Much is being said about VOCs, or volatile organic compounds and how they contribute to poor indoor air quality. Many bathroom renovation projects include painting surfaces, replacing flooring and the resurfacing of tubs and basins. Unfortunately, many paints, adhesives and other vinyl products contain VOCs capable of releasing harmful emissions into the air.

When we think of clothes storage in the bedroom, the first piece of furniture that usually springs to mind is a wardrobe. And although that’s no surprise, we like to think the humble chest of drawers is just as important.

Similar to a dresser, only taller and narrower, a chest of drawers is one of the more versatile pieces of bedroom furniture. They’re available in countless designs and sizes, and allow you to keep folded items of clothing like underwear, T-shirts and pajamas neat and organized.

In this respect, the right chest of drawers will help create more space in your wardrobe by ensuring it’s reserved only for those clothes that really do have to be hung.

When selecting a chest of drawers, think about the space you have available. Different widths, heights and numbers of drawers are available to suit the size of your room and the amount of clothes you have.

Style-wise, it’s just as easy to find a design to suit your taste. For a quaint, traditional look that evokes the country cottage feel, try solid pine or even oak-effect (wood-effect finishes are great if you like that natural appearance but can’t afford solid wood).

If you’d rather go for something more contemporary you can now choose from a variety of modern, eye-catching styles such as mirrored drawer fronts and colourful high gloss. High gloss is a finish that leaves a smooth sheen on the surface of the furniture. It’s available in numerous colours and has a reflective quality that captures the light and adds depth to your bedroom. A similar effect can also be achieved by glass tops that not only reflect light but protect your chest of drawers against scuffs and scratches when you sit things on top of it.

If you’re not a fan of allen keys and confusing instructions, you can always go with the ready assembled option instead. This way you can forgo the hassle of putting your furniture together and concentrate on the really important bit – what you’ll fill the drawers with!

Speaking of filling those drawers, it’s always good to select a bedroom chest that’s fitted with easy-glide drawer runners. This will help eliminate those irritating jams that can occur when your drawers are full of clothes.