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You probably have known people that have aged quite well. Except for a few minor changes in their appearance they seem to have as much spirit and energy as they always had. You want to be just like them, because you also know of some folks that time hasn’t been kind to. The question then is how do you age well?. For seniors, independent living is of utmost importance. They need tools that help them to do their day to day activities. If you have any elderly or people with injury then you need to make sure their all daily needs are fulfilled. If you can’t buy many of the mobility aids equipment, then at least make sure you buy a good quality walking canes. A walking stick is inexpensive, but it means a lot to senior citizen.

Is there a great secret to aging well?

There really isn’t a secret to living well and aging well. Eliminate bad habits like eating the wrong things, eating too much, smoking, too much drinking. Get plenty of sleep and exercise, have regular checkups and you will be well on your way to aging well.

Exercise and aging
Exercise has always been the one-two punch in avoiding illness and slowing down aging. Diet works in concert with exercise. Is exercise different for older people? No, no matter what age you are you can start exercising. But you should always start out slow in the beginning and gradually increase your effort. Of course if you have a history of illness or you are starting to exercise at a later age it is always a good idea to see a doctor so they can give you an ok to begin.

Types of Exercise

Aerobic exercises
The most common type of aerobic exercise is walking, which is something that you can do almost anywhere. Its great for the heart and it is helpful if you are trying to lose a few pounds. Swimming is another great aerobic exercise along with bike riding.

Anaerobic exercise
Strength training is considered an anaerobic exercise. Strength Training for Older People is especially important because it helps increase metabolism and it slows down bone mass loss.

Proper nutrition for aging well
A healthy diet is important to anyone but especially to older people. If you want to age gracefully and in good health you must eat right. The government has a handy PDF file that you can download that addresses the issue of nutrition and aging. It goes over what to eat and how much. It also goes over an issue that is generally overlooked, keeping food safe.

Keep your mind sharp

  • Reading is enjoyable and great exercise for the mind.
  • Learn a new language, challenge yourself!
  • Do volunteer work for charities, you will be helping others and yourself
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Engage in a new activity like painting, writing or some sort of hobby
  • Get your rest is good advice for anyone

Positive attitude
You are becoming older like everyone else on the planet. You don’t like it and you feel discouraged. Don’t be, worrying about getting older brings on stress which can lead to health problems. A positive outlook, which may sound trite, will make other aspects of your life easier to tolerate.

Stay emotionally fit
You are getting older and things don’t always seem to be the same. Some folks don’t have a problem with aging but for others it can be a sad time that they may not be able to emotionally handle. This often leads to depression. If you feel that way or know someone who is going through that try to get help from your doctor. He can guide you in the right direction if you need counseling or other medical care.

What all equipment a senior or elderly may need

One of the most important ways to stay independent is to have the tools needed to accomplishing daily living activities, or DLAs. Whether you are caring for an aging loved one or need a little help yourself, face homecare issues head-on with our products that aid mobility, keep you independent and make your home safe and accessible. For many seniors, walking is an easy and effective way to reap the benefits of daily physical activity. These include being able to get dressed, get up and down from a chair, bed or toilet seat and be mobile. As more and more people flock to social media, it’s becoming clear that it’s having a profound effect on our brains. Just be sure to consult with your aging loved one’s primary care physician before beginning a new exercise program. Among the many categories of daily living aids, choices from the following can make accomplishing everyday tasks significantly easier.

Walking Canes
Walking sticks are regular companions to people of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the type of walking. When mobility is reduced, the older person’s ability to perform everyday activity is affected and they may increasingly become dependent on others for their day to day activities. Using a cane can help prevent a needless injury due to a fall or strain that could lengthen your recovery time if you’re healing. Anything from a simple afternoon stroll to a rigorous multi-day hike through the woods can be aided by a walking stick. Walker offers essential and effective support to relieve pressure. Just ask Brad Pitt who used a cane when recovering from an ACL injury! If you are favoring one foot, leg, or knee, a cane could help you support your weight. It may also help avoid straining other parts of the body, like your arm, shoulder or back, that would have to compensate for a shift in your weight.

Some senior citizens come to a point in their life when they realize they may need help walking. Manual Wheelchairs should be purchased keeping in mind your physical ability, lifestyle and personal preferences, as well as factors such as the amount and type of terrain you will cover, whether you need to transport the chair in your car, and what your home and workplace are like. When buying a wheelchair, you need a supplier who can give you both honest and helpful pre-sales advice and information and efficient after sales service. Assistance can be due to old injuries flaring up, arthritis, hip problems, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other issues. The majority of these will belong to The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). This association expects their members to conform to a high level of service, so it should be a guide to reliability.

Shower Chairs
A shower chair is made for bathtubs or showers. The increasing adoption of universal design elements in new homes and renovations has revitalized the tub and shower seat market. A bath chair is designed to withstand constant exposure to water, without rusting or slipping, making it much safer than using a folding lawn chair or foot stool. However, simple shower benches are gaining popularity with the population in general as a convenient washroom addition – for instance, as a perch on which to shave one’s legs, an easy-reach spot to place toiletries, or just as a place to sit for a relaxing shower. It should be rust-resistant and sturdy.

As opposed to years past, you can now easily find a seat that’s sleek and attractive, and ADA-compliant. For additional bath safety, installing bathroom grab bars can reduce the risks of falling when rising from a seated position. Bath chairs are designed for use by people who can not stand while they shower. What’s purchased today for looks and relaxation may end up being an integral part of a bathroom safety plan in the future! They also help people avoid sitting in the bottom of the bathtub where they can easily slip trying to stand or caretakers can strain their backs lifting the person out of the tub.